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5 Ways IT Consultant Work Will Reinvent Your Career

by Casey Chism on May 30, 2018 in IT Consultant


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There’s nothing slow moving about the IT Industry. Big companies and startups race to be the reigning disruptor, and new technologies regularly spring up to change the ball game. Even tech professionals are always on the lookout for new hacks to accelerate their development and productivity. That’s why when it comes to fast and efficient career development, more professionals are gravitating toward IT consultant work over permanent positions. Wonder why? Here are five reasons IT consulting will reinvent your career.



1.      You’ll Work on Diverse Projects

Variety is important on the job (it’s the spice of life), but permanent positions are slower in providing that diversity. Regardless of your career path, you’ll probably use the same technology and programs to complete related projects in a permanent job. The routine gets pretty familiar. Developers create new versions of a specific app or add new features. Data analysts review data and build reports on the same industry from the same databases and data lakes. It’s familiar work, but it pushes the boundaries of “too much of a good thing.”


On the other hand, IT consultant work provides greater project variety in your career. You can test your skill sets in different industries, functions, and geographic locations with each new contract. If you’ve worked in hybrid positions before, you can more easily transition between different types of roles. Even changing companies on a regular basis modifies your project workload.



2.      There Are Endless Learning Opportunities

The greater variety of tech consulting is a crash course in new technology. Many companies cling to what works, only adopting industry-changing tech after they see the clear value. Thanks to that mentality, permanent positions are a bit more sluggish to provide learning opportunities.


Since IT consultants spend their time jumping between challenges, their learning speed is unparalleled. Each client company has their own special blend of technologies, giving consultants the opportunity to expand their experience in leaps and bounds. Plus, working with new teammates with each contract serves as a great resource for discussion and learning opportunities.



3.      Building a Network Comes Easily

As you work with different organizations and individuals, your network will naturally grow. Good networks rely upon fresh faces to remain strong and flexible. And contract positions introduce a revolving door of new people to interact with.

On each project, consultants get valuable facetime where they can build relationships and contacts with major stakeholders. At times, consultants work directly with CTOs or CEOs which can lead to future job prospects.


If you play your cards right, your network can quickly branch out to span multiple industries and cities. If you decide that consulting isn’t the field for you, you’ll still have a larger network of references to help you land your next role.



4.      Consultants Have More Earning Power

Good help doesn’t come cheap. Consultants typically bring specific often hard-to-find skills to the table. Because your services are only needed on a temporary basis, and with less notice, companies are willing to pay a premium for your work.


Also, by not working for them full-time, consultants can enter projects with fresh eyes and unbiased opinions. Often, that’s a large reason why they’re ready to shell out more money.


5.      You’ll Have Personal & Professional Flexibility

As a consultant, work is managed around life, not vice versa. Consultants make their own agendas, so scheduling around personal trips or family events is simple. It’s far from a “normal” work schedule, but the days that consultants get to themselves are totally autonomous.


Why is that important to your career? Everybody needs a break (We don’t need another “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” moment). Every project is temporary. So, if a certain travel schedule, time commitment, or even an organization, is too difficult to manage, there’s always a choice involved.


Find the Consulting Role for You

Working in IT consulting has the potential to be your opportunity of a lifetime. You’ll gain valuable insight on a variety of sectors and learn how they operate. Not only that, you’ll be able to get an inside look at unique company cultures and networking opportunities. Consulting skyrockets your growth as an IT professional, if you can find the right one to fit your needs.



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