Connor Baty


Say “Hi” to Connor Baty! A master at leaving a stellar first impression, Connor’s inviting smile immediately puts MindSpring clients and candidates at ease. As Associate Recruiter and Marketing Coordinator, there isn’t much that Connor doesn’t do – from matching hardworking job seekers with their ideal opportunity to supporting MindSpring’s marketing initiatives through social media and email, Connor gives each project his all. He even implemented, designed, and leads MindSpring’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative with the goal of bringing meaningful change to the recruiting industry and fostering practices that lead to a more equitable workforce.


Connor’s favorite part about being a MindSpringer is his colleagues, who create a fun and welcoming atmosphere while still being some of the best players in the staffing game. When he’s not hard at work, you can catch Connor at dollar beer Sundays at Roscoes or watching Dance Moms on repeat.


(PS. Connor, we know Abby Lee Miller is one of your biggest inspirations, but you can stop quoting her and telling us to “save the tears for our pillows,” k thanks.)




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