Diane Klementowich


Diane Klementowich

(She/Her/Hers) Diane is a founding Principal at MindSpring Partners. She graduated from University of Miami in ‘94 and has been on a path to creating a group of long-standing and highly satisfied clients since through her early career in hospitality and the last 20+ in the staffing industry. Her network is predominantly in Chicago, MindSpring’s homebase and where she used to call home, but she now resides in the Outer Banks of NC successfully working remote since 2010.  Diane is a “lifer” as an agency recruiter and is as passionate about her craft today as when she first started in the business.


In her off time, Diane can be found playing tennis, doing anything outdoors, and spending time with family (pets included.) If you ever visit the Outer Banks, she’s happy to be your real-life TripAdvisor!




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