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Reaching your professional goals takes more than luck and hard work. The right insight and knowledge can drive your career to the furthest horizons. But whether you find the right opportunities by design or by chance depends on the dedication and foresight of your recruiting partner.

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The majority of our meetings are face-to-face


We know career decisions are a big deal, so we listen to your needs as we develop a relationship with you over the course of multiple conversations. When we find the right opportunity, our interactive mock interviews cover multiple scenarios allowing you to “wow” interviewers from the first step. And when you get the job, we do not disappear. We foster long-term relationships to act as a resource and guide for the rest of your career.


Your job search deserves the best resources available


Though you will partner directly with one recruiter from start to finish, in reality, MindSpring’s entire team is working for you. We collaborate to help each and every candidate, giving us the best chance for success in finding your ideal position.


People are important to us

Our relationships last long after the initial placement. We take pride in the fact that many of our clients become candidates and candidates become clients.

Don’t take our word for it

These Testimonials

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"Once MindSpring started to pursue a new job for me, they didn't stop until they found me a position I would love and excel in. My recruiter was always professional and wouldn't hesitate to go the extra mile if I needed more time or help."

"Working with MindSpring has been far and away a better experience than other recruiters I've worked with in the past. I appreciate MindSpring's experience, professionalism, and focus on fit when looking for a candidate, beyond just qualifications."

"They are caring and well educated recruiters, experts in my industry. My recruiter is supportive and has never sent me on a job that I wasn't qualified for or didn't match my skill set. He is persistent, gets feedback and is fully transparent."


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