MindSpring Mindy is on the Move

One new grad. One big city. A whole lot of determination.

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Hey there!


I’m Mindy, and I’m on a journey to make my mark on the 3rd largest city in the U.S., despite never having lived there and not knowing what I want to pursue. Easy-peasy, right?


I’ve seen a lot of my fellow grads struggle through the job hunt, so I thought I’d start a little blog to share my adventures (and misadventures) on my search for employment.


I recently stumbled across MindSpring. They’re a Chicago-area staffing firm, and they’re helping me figure out what in the world I’m going to do with my life. With each baby step, I’ll be sharing my experiences joining the job market and the tips and tricks I get from the MindSpring team! Thanks for joining me on this crazy journey – fingers crossed it all works out.


Talk soon!


Mindy on the Move

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Mindy’s Job Search Journey

Tips from the MindSpring Team