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Mindy on the Move: How to Stand Out in the Job Market as a Recent Grad

by Mindy on the Move on October 4, 2019 in Mindy on the Move



Hey everyone!


Surprise, I’m still here – I know it’s been a minute since I posted my last blog. Now that my interview game is on point and I’ve developed a more realistic expectation for my job search, I’ve opened my eyes to a bunch of positions that weren’t on my radar from day one.


I still haven’t found the job for me just yet, so I reached back out to the folks at MindSpring for their input on what I can do to stand out against the competition. Kaley’s gonna break it down for you all.




Mindy on the Move


Kaley’s Dos & Don’ts for Your Job Search


Differentiating yourself as a new grad isn’t easy! I work with tons of candidates and most have a tough time standing out throughout the job hunt. Over the years, I’ve found there are a few important things to know, as well as techniques to use, that can help job seekers get noticed.


Here are the cliffs notes from my conversation with Mindy:

  • DO put yourself out there. Networking at local professional events is a great way to get your foot in the door. So many jobs aren’t shared on job boards and are instead reserved for word-of-mouth or internal referrals. There are a ton of career pages and groups on social media that host get-togethers for certain industries or local areas, which can be doubly helpful if you’re unsure of what you’d like to pursue as a long-term career.


  • DON’T hold out for the “perfect” opportunity. While the job market as a whole is flush with positions, competition as a recent graduate is still extremely high. A lot of post-grad job seekers struggle with knowing when to pass on a position or when to jump on an opportunity. Don’t overlook a great role in hopes that something a little bit better may come along – you’ll run the risk of being disappointed, and ending up back at square one of your search.



  • DON’T let the details fall to the wayside. There are countless minor details that you need to be checking on throughout the job search process: write cover letters; proofread all of your emails; dress appropriately for interviews; always send a thank you note; the list goes on. Even though companies are becoming more and more flexible in general, these basic details remain absolutely essential for success.


Finding your first role is hard, and you’re only making it harder if you’re trying to go it alone. The professionals at MindSpring are just that – experienced pros whose sole job is to help you.



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