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Mindy on the Move: Working with a Recruiter as a New Graduate

by Mindy on the Move on July 10, 2019 in Mindy on the Move



Hi there, me again!


I didn’t mean to go MIA there – these past couple weeks have been insane. I got in touch with that staffing company I mentioned in my last blog and spoke with a recruiter named Susie. She is GREAT – as in, “I think we’re going to happy hour next week” kind of great. She was beyond nice and made me feel really comfortable as we walked through my experience and career options. Since I don’t have much of a direction, she recommended gaining some experience by taking contract opportunities to determine what I’d like to pursue without totally committing to a full-time position.


To be honest, I’m a little skeptical about working contract jobs. I feel like so many parts of my life are up in the air after this move and contracts seem so unstable. What if I hate the work? Or what if my boss hates me? What if I love it and then the contract ends?


I asked Susie about 1,000 questions, and we dove into a ton of different subjects, mostly about contracts and working with a recruiter. Since we covered so much ground, she offered to explain a little bit in her own words for all of you. So, here’s some wisdom straight from Susie AKA the job hunting guru/my new best friend/a total lifesaver. Enjoy!



(Susie told me that’s more professional than TTYL but I beg to differ.)


Mindy on the Move


Sage Advice with Susie

I’ve gotten to work with a ton of recent college graduates, most of which are like Mindy and don’t really know where to kick-start their career journey. There are so many resources out there and, more often than not, grads struggle to decide which they should leverage and how to take advantage of them.


For starters, don’t wait until graduation to start making career moves. For some industries, this isn’t a huge deal, but for others, especially in more technical roles that require extensive interviews and onboarding processes, waiting until the last minute can pose a challenge. While still in school, students can take advantage of career fairs or on-campus networking events. On top of that, most universities host career portals where they can directly connect students with job openings.


Also, college grads should always remain open to new opportunities, especially when it comes to contract and contract-to-hire positions. If you’re not totally sure what you’d like to do with your career, taking on multiple diverse contracts opens up a world of possibilities. Not only can you test drive a host of different industries, you’re able to develop completely new skillsets. Plus, the transition into becoming a full-time employee is on the table in any given role.


Above all else, one of the best way’s college grads can succeed in the job market is by partnering with a recruiter. We help you navigate the hunt from start to finish, connecting with companies and positions on your behalf and mentoring you through each step of the hiring process. We provide structure for your job search so you’re not stuck floundering, especially if you choose to pursue contract opportunities. Not to mention, your recruiter is always available as a resource for insight and tips, so you never have to worry about going it alone.


Speaking of – Mindy will be coming at you soon with even more advice from another recruiter on our team. She’ll be sitting down with them to discuss what college grads should expect throughout their job search.


There’s a lot more to the job search than meets the eye, especially for recent college graduates. Talk to Susie or another awesome member of the MindSpring team for more information.