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MindSpring Employee Spotlight with Delaney Danca

by MindSpring Partners on August 26, 2019 in MindSpring News



Tell us about what you do at MindSpring.


I’m a recruiter! I spend my days talking with people who are on the hunt for new positions, then I help them determine and follow-through on the right next steps in their career.


What do you find most interesting about working with the MindSpring team?


I really appreciate how everyone at MindSpring is dedicated to helping our candidates in any way that they can. We strive to make the right “match” by listening closely to their unique wants and needs and building meaningful relationships.




How does MindSpring support your career and personal goals?


My peers at MindSpring have helped me improve as a recruiter, and within the business world in general, in countless ways.


What’s the #1 quality you feel is important to achieving success in the staffing industry?


The most important qualities in the staffing industry are the ability to build meaningful relationships and good communication skills. Your candidates and clients should always trust that you’re the expert at hiring and that you’re representing their best interest at all times.


What is a unique trait or something that differentiates you from the rest?


My main priority is to objectively help my candidates and clients discover what’s right for their future and their business.


What’s the biggest benefit to partnering with a staffing firm in a job search?


Partnering with a staffing firm alleviates the stress of the interviewing process. We’re here to guide candidates every step of the way!


If you could give one piece of advice to a candidate what would it be?


Be honest about what you’re looking for. We’re here to help and to advise you, and if you’re honest and upfront about how you’re feeling about your next move or a company, we can help you find the right role, not just a role.


What’s your favorite thing to do in Chicago?


I love trying out all of the best food and coffee shops in the area.


Do you have a unique skill or trick?


Yes, I can play the clarinet!


What is something random nobody would guess about you?


I love 80-90s metal and 90-00s emo music! I probably know exactly where to find a good emo party around the city. Also, my parents run a Christmas tree farm and landscaping business in Michigan that I used to work at during high school/college. It actually does quite a bit of business, and my mom has a gift shop with all handmade things!


For more information on what members of the MindSpring team, like Delaney, can do for you, let’s start a conversation!


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