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Mindy on the Move: Bouncing Back After Losing Your “Dream” Job Offer

by Mindy on the Move on January 30, 2020 in Mindy on the Move


You guys.


It finally happened.


I interviewed for THE best job of all time and totally crushed it…


But they offered the position to someone else. Turns out, I had slightly less experience than another candidate, so I lost out on what actually seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. It was only four L stops away from my apartment, it had a Starbucks in the lobby, and the culture seemed vibrant and fun.


After I learned I didn’t get the position, I wallowed in self-pity for a solid four days – face masks and all. I can honestly say that’s longer than I mourned my last break-up.




MindSpring had kept me in the loop the entire time during my job search, and one of their recruiters, Leah, gave me a call for a much-needed pep talk. Peep the video above and the points below for some key tips she shared on how to bounce back after a setback!


Leah’s Lessons for Getting Back in the Job Search Game


  1. First things first – every job seeker will encounter bumps along the way. There will be jobs that you’re excited about and hear crickets on the other end, or a week or two where you don’t receive any emails or calls at all. That’s ok! The important thing is to keep your enthusiasm and drive high – your position is out there!


  1. There are a number of reasons why you weren’t offered the job that have nothing to do with your skills or how your interview went – so don’t take anything personally. Maybe the company went with an internal candidate who already knew the work culture and processes. Or maybe they were flooded with hundreds of applications and just didn’t have a way to keep up. You may have even been a great fit, just not the best candidate for this specific opportunity. It’s easier said than done, but if things don’t turn out the way you want them to, try not to let that impact your self-worth as a candidate or as a person!


  1. Some people get lucky and land one of the first few jobs they apply for. But for most people, it can take way longer. Just settle into the fact that this is your new part-time job for now. Do a little something every day to support the job search if you can – you’ll get a win eventually!


  1. Talk to your recruiter! We’re always here to listen, provide a pep talk (or 10), and strategize! Whatever you need. We’re in this together.


  1. Leah’s advice really helped me to snap out of my funk and one fine day she called me about an opportunity she had for me at a different company. Heck yeah.


Here’s the wild thing.


The initial interview process was mostly over the phone, but the final round was in person. I realized as I met the team and wandered around their offices, that their company culture was totally unique in comparison to what I thought was my “dream” job. I was mistaking ping pong tables and catered lunch as the key components of an awesome, fun environment – but this was an environment where everyone collaborated, learned from each other, and seemed to be legit friends. And not like, work friends, but more like “ok it’s been a long day, let’s all go to John’s to binge this new Netflix show and order pad thai” friends.




My emotions have done a complete 180 – I feel like with this opportunity, I’m uncovering a whole new side of both myself and Chicago, and I’m so eager to explore this new chapter.


For those of you who’ve stuck around for this roller coaster of a journey, I hope you’ve learned a thing or five. S/o to my roomie for the constant moral support. And, above all else, thank you so much to the MindSpring team for providing me with all of the tools to find a great job, supporting me even during my nuclear meltdown, and for pushing me to keep trying.


On that note, I should probably get back to setting up my Outlook….


Mindy on the Move


Whether you’re on the hunt for your first position or your tenth, navigating the job market doesn’t magically get easier. The experts at MindSpring can connect you to top Chicago companies, plus they’ll work with you to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible – reach out here to kick-off your search right now.


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