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Why a Role in Staffing Might Just Be Your Purple Squirrel

by Gavin Meacham on December 10, 2018 in MindSpring News


What gets you out of bed in the morning? An opportunity that’s fast-paced? High-energy? People-centric? Then you just might make a perfect candidate for a career in staffing. On top of providing unique opportunities for career advancement, roles in staffing have major benefits. Helping other professionals make their next major life decision is extremely fulfilling and is just one of the many reasons that a career in the staffing industry is gratifying. In recruiting, “purple squirrel” is a term that’s used to describe the perfect candidate – someone that has the precise education, experience, and qualifications for a role. Let’s break down the ways that a role in staffing might just be your purple squirrel.

A Career in Staffing is Highly Rewarding


Imagine getting to know someone who is searching for their next job, that will support their family and fulfill their wildest dreams. A role in staffing means you get to make that dream come true. But the benefits don’t end there. From the constant personal and professional development opportunities to meeting new clients and creating relationships with candidates, you’re simultaneously building out your network and establishing a toolbox of skills. Successful recruiters are consistently challenged to hone their communication, problem solving, and relationship building abilities, just to name a few. As you broaden your skillsets, you open doors for upward mobility and leadership opportunities within the industry. Promotions aren’t based solely on how long you’ve been with the organization or past qualifications. In staffing, if you work hard, you progress quickly.


What’s more, most staffing pros aren’t tied to a desk from 9-5. More often than not, your work is social and engaging, whether it be with clients, candidates, or colleagues. You’re not just selling a product – you’re consulting with individuals to discover what they need to make their business grow or the qualities they’re searching for in a new role. Additionally, staffing firms typically have a strong sense of comradery with tight-knit teams that make work enjoyable.

Corporate vs. Agency: What Staffing Role Should You Take?


As a newbie to the staffing industry, it’s easy to lump corporate and agency recruiters together into one category, but there are a few notable differences between the two, including…

1.      Tasks you’ll be exposed to…

Corporate recruiters are typically members of a company’s internal human resource or talent acquisition teams and they take on the majority of hiring functions. A day in the life of a corporate recruiter could include posting job advertisements, completing phone screens, and orchestrating the interview process. On the flipside, agency recruiters are as integral to the sales function as they are to HR. Not only will they spend their day searching for top-notch candidates, but they’ll connect with companies who need help finding this talent. As a result, agency recruiters are often enabled to hone additional skills, such as pitching, negotiations and deal-closing.

2.      Gaining niche vs broad expertise…

Since corporate recruiters are laser focused exclusively on recruiting for their own company’s open roles, they will likely have in-depth knowledge and exposure to recruiting in that specific industry. Agency recruiters, on the other hand, will be exposed to a number of different clients who all require different skill-sets out of their candidates. This broad exposure often provides them with a wider pool of candidates to build out their talent pipeline and enhanced networking opportunities.

3.      Your goals at the end of the day…

Ultimately, corporate recruiters solely have the interest of their employer in mind. They spend their day sourcing and screening top talent to make their company the best that it can be. Agency recruiters have a duty to help each of their clients grow their business while connecting candidates with their dream role. Either way you cut it, the act of successfully placing an individual, whether in a corporate or agency role, is highly rewarding. Top notch recruiters consider a successful placement both a professional and personal win.

Working in staffing isn’t a perfect fit for every personality. But if you’re seeking a career path where you can put your passion for people to work, grow your professional skills and develop valuable, life-long relationships – then you just found your purple squirrel.


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