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Create a Company Culture that Makes Employees Say “I Love My Job”

by Gavin Meacham on January 16, 2019 in Find Talent, MindSpring News


If you’re having trouble attracting and retaining talent, a lackluster company culture might be to blame. It’s the reason 47% of employees are willing to change jobs, and 71% of those employees are even willing to take a pay cut. In today’s job market, it’s no longer enough to offer competitive wages and run-of-the-mill benefits; […]


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Why It’s Time to Stop Worrying What Candidates Are Earning

by Gavin Meacham on July 16, 2018 in Find Talent, IT Consultant


For years, employers have been far too reliant on asking about past compensation to quickly screen applicants in initial hiring discussions. Now, with the introduction of salary history bans across the nation, it’s time to develop a new approach to the topic.   Salary history bans have been a controversial move by local and state […]


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