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Mindy on the Move: Taking the First Step in the Post-Grad Job Search

by Mindy on the Move on May 31, 2019 in Chicago, MindSpring News, Mindy on the Move



Hi guys!



Okay, so, I’ve made some progress AKA I found roommates who aren’t serial killers (I think) and I paid my security deposit for our new apartment. Bonus: now that my bank account is nice and empty, I don’t have any distractions from focusing on my job search.


One of my older sorority sisters moved to the city last year and she was nice enough to offer to “help” me move in today, which I guess means drinking the last of my beer and chit-chatting while I’m lugging everything that I own up three flights of stairs. Not bitter.


One good thing – when I mentioned that I haven’t found a job yet, she told me about this company that she worked with back when she graduated. They’re called MindSpring, and they’re a Chicago-area staffing firm that seems pretty legit. She texted me her old recruiter’s contact info so first thing Monday I’m going to give her a call.


Hopefully she’s as cool as my friend made her out to be. But, until then, hope you all have a great weekend!!


Mindy on the Move


Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs and reach out today to learn more about what made me decide to reach out to the MindSpring team.


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